Thursday, August 13, 2009

When the truth hurts

Last week I was in Te Anau running an ante natal clinic and I finished early with time on my hands. My husband had come down to stay with me for a couple of days and we decided we'd be tourists for the afternoon.

Mark wanted to go on the Luxmore jet boat and a trip down the river to Lake Manapouri. I wasn't desperately keen because it was rather cold and damp - I wanted to find a nice warm cafe and have a long, hot chocolate. Anyway, to keep the peace, I gave in and went on the jet boat trip.

Suffice to say, I had a fabulous time because the scenery was fantastic.

At the end of the trip I thanked the jet boat driver (the chap on the right - I think his name was John) and told him how I hadn't wanted to go but actually really enjoyed myself. His artless reply was:

"Yes, we get that a lot with middle aged women".

MIDDLE AGED WOMEN!! Who is he calling middle aged! OK. I know I'm middle aged but I don't need him to remind me...

In my mind, I'm still a young and gorgeous 25 year old.

Middle aged, my foot! That's the last time I go on a tourist trip in Southland!


Anonymous said...

I suppose tact isn't one of the components in the being-an-outdoor-bloke-who-pilots-boats test:-) The scenery looks fabulous.


Sarah Stewart said...

That's right, Dot....and it gets worse...he digs tunnels for a living so can't get more 'blokey' than that :)

Seriously, he was lovely and gave us a great trip...just left me physiologically scarred for the rest of my elderly life :)

classyadele said...


I believe this article would help put some perspective on that remark :)