Monday, May 21, 2012

Twitter workshop for health professionals

Some resources to support the workshop about the use of Twitter by health professionals at the Breathing New Life conference in Melbourne, May 2012. 

Aim of the workshop
This workshop will explore:
  • how to set up a Twitter account and ‘follow’ people;
  • how to use it effectively to engage with other health professionals and consumers;
  • how to pass on information;
  • how to use Twitter effectively for professional development 
  • how to use it to facilitate professional development events
Program for workshop

1.  Set the scene
  • Find out what people already know, and how they use Twitter, if at all.
  • Find out what people want to know specifically
2. Presentation
3. Basic "How to" 
4. Group work
Setting up Twitter accounts and communicating with each other using butchers paper and pens.
5. Advanced "How to"
6. Thinking about the professional use of Twitter 
Group discussion about 'dos' and 'donts'.
7. Conclusion
  • Recap of main points
  • Check that all questions have been answered
  • If time, one-to-one consultations
Image: 'iPhone 4'


katiesullivan said...

Hey Sarah, while I wasn't I your workshop today I did promise you when we spoke I wouldn't be a silent observer anymore so here I am saying hi! I use social media a lot but I am not sure how effectively and I would love my workplace to grow with it (which it is keen to do...) so watch this space n I might need to check in and ask more questions...!

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Katie, sorry its taken me so long to get back to you...lovely to see you in person. Can I ask...what do you use social media for? Sarah