Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Any suggestions for how I can live stream an AGM meeting?

One of the things I have to look into over the next couple of weeks is how I can organise the live streaming on the Internet of the Australian College of Midwives' AGM.

I think it has to be closed, so I need to think about how I can "allow" midwives to join, but I need to check up on that. I also want this to be an easy but effective process...it has to be good quailty, yet not cost a fortune in equipment or IT-support.

So, would love to hear from anyone with suggestions on how I can go about setting this up. What equipment did you use? What advice would you give me? What pitfalls should I try to avoid?

Image: 'The most expensive webcam of all times?'
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Hervé said...

It would depend if you need more than one camera, the location (do you need to have participant using microphones?)
If it is to retransmit from one smallish room, what is the acoustic like?
Could you not use the system used for the IDMW? only stream out one video/audio stream if you do not use feedback from the outside participant.
Alternatively, everyone in the AGM could use a laptop and have their own stream. This would require moderation.

Leigh Blackall said...

as always, restricted access will be hard.

I've used uStream, including their free software "Producer" that handles multiple video feeds. But uStream includes obnoxious advertising unless you pay Peru hefty pro account fees. Same with LiveStream.

Now I'm more interested I'm using Google Hangout On Air. it's live streaming to YouTube. Easy for everyone.

Get a good camera. They handle low light better. Get a wireless microphone that plugs into the camera. if you need a roving Mic fir audiences, then you'll need to take all audio feeds into a mixing table, then out to the camera. Most venues have this sort of set up, so you might just need a camera to plug in the audio. check the venues bandwidth also. let then know you want to live stream on it.

Sarah Stewart said...

Hello Leigh and Herve, apologies for not getting back to you both for so long-thank you for your various suggestions. Long story short, we didn't do it this year because we ran out of time. But I definetly want to pursue this for next year, so thanks for giving me some ideas to play with.