Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Making practice transparent through e-portfolio

I am delighted that at long last my article about how I use social media and social networking processes to reflect on my practice, and develop my e-portfolio, has been published by the Women and Birth journal: http://www.womenandbirth.org/article/S1871-5192%2813%2900036-X/fulltext

It took a considerable amount of time to get written, and I am truly grateful to Maxine Alterio for mentoring and supporting me in the processes.

I am especially pleased with this work because a. I managed to write this as a sole author, which has boosted my confidence around my ability to write academic papers, and b. there is very little written (if anything) about how to use social media and social networking for personal reflection and e-portfolio, by practitioners once they are out in practice.

Feel free to have a read - I would love your feedback. How practical, relevant or appropriate do you think it is for health professionals to use social media tools for reflection and e-portfolio?

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starpath said...

Thank you for this article Sarah and congratulations on its publication. I have always been interested that the midwifery review body was unable to accept the virtual format. I wonder if they have changed their views on this and are now engaging with mediums other than hard copy. #wishful thinking