Friday, October 31, 2014

It's Human Brochure weekend!

 A few months ago I was selected to join a unique social media campaign that promotes Canberra as a tourist destination.

The idea behind the "human brochure" is rather than static, touristy photos, instead a group of Canberra residents are sent out for the weekend to show off the wonderful activities, sights and events in the Canberra region. Thus, we become a "human brochure", which is a living resource that is more authentic that the usual publicity materials.This "world first" is the idea of Visit Canberra, who are the ACT government's tourist information organisation.

So, this weekend, I am out and about with three guests - Deborah from Canberra, and Mary and Merrolee from out of town. My brief is to explore the Canberra "arts and culture scene" which starts off with a visit to the National Archives tomorrow. I'm sure we'll also end up visiting the region's vineyards, and weather permitting , do some country walking. But who's all a big surprise!

You can follow my adventures this weekend here on the Human Brochure website:  Or you can check in with where I am, or find out what my guests think of Canberra on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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marvelous. Rae