Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lesson plan - Treasure Hunt

Here is the quiz that is the activity for the lesson plan: The Treasure Hunt, which accompanies the SLENZ virtual birth unit project.

Have a look around the birth unit first - the quiz will make more sense then.


Carolynn Bruton said...

well done Sarah - I enjoyed doing this - particularly as my daughter's b friend has just had a baby in the birthing unit here in Cape Town.

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks for that, Carolynn - as a matter of interest, did you do it with or without looking around the birth unit in Second Life? If you didn't look around the BU, did it make sense as a 'stand lone' activity?

PS: What did you like about the birth unit that your friend had her baby in? Did the design aspects that were mentioned in the quiz visible in the BU you talk about?

Anonymous said...

I reckon the vending machine would encourage people to return and contribute to the midwives income. Good quiz. I felt I would rather wander than wonder as in question 9.
keep up the good work. M

Sarah Stewart said...

That's funny, that's the feedback from other chaps doing this quiz!

Thanks for spelling alert.

Sarah Stewart said...

Just been told my MyStudio team on witter that the Second Style of quiz allows you to give feedback to every potentail answer of the quiz-an excellent feature. I don;t think I'll change this quiz but it is good to keep this function in mind in the future.