Monday, April 13, 2009

First half of my great adventure

I am back in Dunedin, New Zealand for Easter which seems a good time to stop and reflect on the first half of my stay in Australia. As regular readers know, I have taken a six month contract, working with Aged Care Queensland to implement the eMentoring grant they received from the Department of Health and Aging.

Appreciating what I have
It goes without saying that I miss my family very much, but at the same time there are certain advantages to living the single life, not least having total control over what I watch on TV, and not having to cook meat and two veg every night for my darling husband. But I have come to appreciate that my family are more than my husband and daughter - they are also my best friends.

In the meantime, I am making lots of new friends in Brisbane and finding the opportunities for learning, networking and growth far exceed to what I am used to. In the next couple of months I am invited to speak at three workshops about blogging and social media in education and work. I have become a very social animal, which Ellen finds impossible to believe because she knows me as being quite an unsociable, boring old f..t! know what they say...there's life in the old girl yet!

Five great things about Brisbane
  • The wonderful warm weather - beats cold, damp Dunedin any day!
  • Wonderfully friendly people who are very obliging and keen to learn and share.
  • Public transport - I get around everywhere by bus and train.
  • Lots of events, including social media events such as the Brisbane Social Media Club.
  • Shops and the Brisbane Broncos!!!
Five worse things about Brisbane
  • The amount of traffic on the roads -compared to Dunedin's idea of a traffic queue which is five cars lined up at the traffic lights.
  • The very silly uniforms that boys wear who go to private schools - I can't believe boys would be seen wearing those hats!
  • Corporate attitude to work-people need to lighten up.
  • Fragmentation of everything-so many little projects all doing the same thing-needs to be greater communication and collaboration
  • Corporate dress code. This is a good thing in some respects because I have been 'forced' to smarten up and buy new clothes. But at the same time, I miss the relaxed attitude of Dunedin to dress and image. At my grand old age I want to be myself, not forced into a uniform.
I have another three months in Brisbane and then I will be looking for a new job. I have no idea what I'll end up doing or where I'll end up. And where this leads us as a family is also up in the air. But I am loving this great adventure and looking forward to seeing where it takes me next.


Pam said...

The good and bad of city life, I like it. i felt the same way when we visited Sydney about the corporate lifestyle of wearing ipods to work and not talking or smiling at anyone and looking like they would rather mow you down than say Hi!

We are unsure as to what the future will hold Chris has been asked to hold an acting post with the College of GP`s putting him in charge of post grad education of all the GP`s across New Zealand. If he was to get the post permanently we may have to move to Wellington.
Uncertain futures make for exciting times.

Sarah Stewart said...

I agree, Pam - I know that the financial side of uncertain times can be a worry, but otherwise the challenge of new jobs and meeting new people is fantastic.

JennyMR said...

Hi Sarah

I have been reading your Blog from the beginning - well from 2007 - is that the beginning? and was really interested to see your initial sceticism re secondlife - what a long way you have come! Your journey is an inspiration and your blog is a pleasure to read. I enjoy your transarent style and the flitting between personal, professional and online learning interests. I have recmmended you on my blog. Having said that it feels a bit wierd to have such intimate access to someone I don't know - I guess it's like reading a good autobiography and I've never felt weird about that. I wonder what the difference is?

A question - If I left comments on old posts would you go back and read them / would others or is it better to leave comments about old posts on more recent ones? Is there a protocol?

PS Thanks for lot's of good links and I haven't even started 2008 yet!

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Jenny, thank you so much for your kind comments. Please feel free to have a good delve around - I have written things with the aim of sharing information that hopefully will be useful.

If you write comments on old posts I get notified, and so do others who are subscribed to the post. So leave your comment where you think it makes the most sense. Thanks a lot.