Saturday, September 5, 2009

Off to Darwin

I am off to Darwin today for four weeks. I am going to be working with the Charles Darwin University to develop some online postgraduate courses for the Business department. I am also going to be in Sydney from the 19th - 22nd September, and Adelaide 22nd-25th September. So if you live in either of those areas, let me know so we can arrange a meet-up.

This is a great opportunity because I have never been to Darwin or the Northern Territories in Australia. It is also a great opportunity to develop my design skills and experience, and work in an area that is completely new to me (she says with a *gulp*). As well as meeting new people and developing skills, I hope to get out and do some sight seeing and even get around to learning to scuba dive, which is an aim I want to achieve before I am 50.

My hubby dreamed I got eaten by hope that doesn't come true. I am very definitely likely to be eaten by mosquitoes. Otherwise, it's going to be great fun and another fabulous learning opportunity. Hopefully, I'll get to see real, live kangaroos!

Image: Open Wide Mozul