Sunday, September 13, 2009

Reflective practice

I have blogged extensively about reflective practice, both as a teacher and clinical midwife. It is one of the reasons I blog...because my blog encourages me to think about and articulate what I have done, said or thought or something that has happened to me...explore it using a reflective practice framework and come up with a plan or outcome for the future. The extra element that open blogging adds to reflective practice is that others can read what I have said and contribute to my thinking...either to support me or challenge me to think further.

Here are some of my posts and resources that I have developed about reflection and reflective practice:
How do you use reflection and reflective practice as a teacher or midwife?


Pam said...

I now use reflective practice as a midwife to explore some of the concepts which are described in the handbook of practice such as empowerment, social justice and partnership.
I do this through the blog because I like to demonstrate that as a midwife I am thinking openly about these key elements and not just throwing them around as concepts. It has enabled me to gain a greater insight into why I am who I am and why I do the things I do. I hope that through the blog I can demonstrate that I am human and that I am intelligently thinking.

As a childbirth educator I've been able to explore some of the concepts we were taught during the diploma course. Revisiting these issues has given me some insight into why i teach how I teach or should I say educate!

Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you for that, Pam. I feel I am a much stronger person since I have started openly reflecting about my teaching practice in my blog...because I am more reflective. The only stumbling block I would identify is the issue of confidentiality.

Ray Tolley said...

Hi, Sarah, sorry that I did not respond earlier.

I have looked long and hard at 'Reflective Practice' and, as an e-Portfolio user I think that you will concur with my ideas.

Far too often people thing of Reflection as only being introspective. I expand upon these issues in two of my posts:

Best Wishes,
Ray T

Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you, Ray, for your comments and links. I must admit I tend to think of reflective practice in terms of myself, but it also gives you an opportunity to look at wider yourself in terms of the wider context of your environment and what impacts on that environment and the people around you. Whilst you may not be able to change that environment, at least it gives you an understanding of why things are the way they are.