Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shortlisted for TVs Extraordinary Taxi Ride Western Australia

I am beside myself because I have been shortlisted from 500 people to just 30 to go with Ellen on a TV travel show called The Extraordinary Taxi Ride Western Australia.

My first experience of Australia was watching 'Skippy' on black and white TV at my Granny Gammon's house. This was in the mid 1960s and was a considerable treat because Gran was about the only person I knew who had a TV. We certainly didn't have a TV or phone for that matter.

This has got me to thinking about how much has changed in the last 40 years. Even in my life time, I have seen incredible changes in the way we communicate and entertain ourselves. YouTube wasn't even a gleam in someone's eye back in the days of 'Skippy'. I wonder where we'll be in another 40 years.

Having said all this, what is interesting is I was one of only a few who put a video on YouTube. So whilst we have the technology, we cannot automatically assume everyone knows about it or can use it. I know that is old news, but it's a salutatory reminder for me when I am trying to teach people how to use online technology.


Peta Hopkins said...

Changes in my lifetime have been amazing, but it's interesting listening to my Nan, who was a child in the 20s. The idea of being able to travel about in planes at the drop of a hat was unthinkable to her as a child. Planes were pretty much the preserve of the air force I would imagine.
Even when she migrated from England to Australia in 1961 they travelled on a ship, not a plane. Boat people were welcomed with open arms back then - and they weren't even seeking asylum.

Sarah Stewart said...

It's funny, but as I grew up I never thought much of my Gran - she died when I was quite young. But as I get older I think of her a lot - I wish I had the ability to record her story ( and all my grandparents) - a lesson to me to keep my stories somehow for my grandchildren.

Carolyn said...

I like your new look blog, very professional looking. Did you design this yourself or is it a blogger template?

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks for feedback, Carolyn...really pleased to hear it because I have my doubts it is a bit plain.

I used "blogger in draft" which gives you much more flexibility with background, size of page, and gives you tabs...which is what I have been after for ages...saves me going to wordpress.

Sarah Stewart said...