Saturday, May 22, 2010

Checking your security settings on Facebook

The online discussion about the security of your information on Facebook continues. If you have any concerns about how secure your account is, here is a website that will help you check your settings: Just follow the instructions when you get to the website.

I ran a check and found I had a couple of settings I could re-set to stop people passing on information that I wanted to keep to myself. So I do think it is worth running this check to see if there are any changes that are advisable for you to make.


Claire Thompson said...

Yours was a timely post, Sarah. I came across it just after trying to figure out my Facebook settings! Thanks for the link to'm using it to tweak my settings.

Sarah Stewart said...

I was pretty happy with my settings but was still able to make a couple of adjustments.

pab said...

It was a pleasure to find this here, Sarah. I'm going to send it to my kids.

Cheers, Paul