Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mentoring for midwives and students in education and clinical practice

A few years ago I carried out a survey of New Zealand midwives and their experience of mentoring and support in the workplace. The report from this survey went on to be the framework for the 'first year of practice' program developed by the New Zealand College of Midwives in 2006.

I used this report to underpin some further work in eMentoring, but never got around to publishing this in academic journals. And then, to be honest, I moved on and forgot about it. But there has been a resurgence of interest in the report in Australia where midwifery is starting to follow the New Zealand models of undergraduate education and clinical practice.

So, here is the original report - please click here to access the pdf copy.

I would love to hear any feedback and comments, especially from midwives who are interested in using formal mentoring programs in education or practice, especially in Australia.


Dot said...

My goodness - I've been reading your blog through Newsfire and hadn't realised until today that it looks completely different. Very clear and professional.

It's not eMentoring, but I've just done a course on eModerating which I'm hoping to apply to one of my undergraduate courses in the autumn. It's a big interdepartmental module with no tutorial support, so I'm going to try running some discussions through WebCT. This gives me a renewed interest in the tools you discuss in this blog. I go to workshops and say 'why don't we use Elluminate?' and people think I know what I'm talking about:-)

Sarah Stewart said...

Hey Dot, great to hear from you.

I am facilitating an online course called "Facilitating Online". You may not want to do the course cos it sounds like the one you're doing. But it might be worth having a look at the wiki once I have finished developing it for ideas about teaching/facilitating online:

Dot said...

Thanks, that would be very interesting.

Actually my eModerating course fizzled out towards the end - we were supposed to finish (level five) with a group exercise, but only two of us completed level four and then the instructor had to stop work for the summer (my university employs her seasonally). So maybe I ought to join your course. On the other hand time is a bit tight for me too.

Hope it's going well.

Sarah Stewart said...

You're very welcome to dip in and out when you have the time or as a particular thing interests you :)