Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saying 'goodbye' to Carisbrook, Dunedin

Last night I went to Carisbrook to watch the All Blacks vs Wales rugby game. The night held particular significance because it was the last international game to be held at Carisbrook. From next year, all rugby games will be held at the new Forsyth Barr stadium which is just being built.

The Terrace experience
One of the special things about Carisbrook is the section called the Terrace which is the cheaper place to go and stand and watch the game. Invariably the Terrace is populated with noisy, drunk students which adds to a fantastic atmosphere. There's usually plenty of girls there, preening and posturing for the boys...after all, what place could be better for picking a likely lad for the evening.

To my mind there's no better place to watch an international rugby game than the Terrace. Admittedly, things get a bit wild and feral at times, but that all adds to the experience. I love watching the people...loving their rugby, shouting abuse at the referee, chatting up the girl next door. And, the haka (which I think is so often over done at events) is spine chilling.

The new stadium
The new stadium is well on its way to being built - the photo above was taken back in April. It will be open next year in time for the rugby World Cup games that will be held down here in Dunedin.

Goodbye to Carisbrook
Last night Carisbrook really turned things on for us. The weather was prefect for watching rugby - a tad chilled but the warmth of the occasion (and a few glasses of wine) sustained us. The Mexican waves added a degree of danger that gave us a thrill. And the All Blacks won a great game of rugby.

I shall really miss the Terrace and believe the new stadium will lack the unique atmosphere that the Terrace brings to a rugby game. However, the new stadium will have a roof which means we will all keep warm and dry on those terrible wet Dunedin days, when we would otherwise get soaked and go down with pneumonia if we'd been at Carisbrook.


Anna Hughes said...

Hi Sarah. Wayne went to the game too. He was one of few people who 'booed' at the mention of the new stadium. Carisbrook is iconic and with a bit of tender loving care could have continued to be the great venue that it is for many years to come, including for the world cup next year. Oh and at half the price to the taxpayer! With more parking!
Anyway, what's done is done. I just hope we get some sensible future thinking councillors elected in in October. Oh great grandparents would turn in their graves at the lack of frugalness in our society these days. 'But business is business and business must grow regardless of crummies in tummies you know'. The Lorax. Dr Suess is a wise man. :)

Sarah Stewart said...

I have to say that I was going to make similar comments in this post but decided against it as the new stadium is half built - spilt milk and all that. I guess we have to all get behind the new stadium so that it doesn't become a white elephant.