Friday, September 17, 2010

Trying out ProProfs to make online quizzes

I have been asked to try out ProProfs which is a new free program that can be used for making quizzes. Here is the quiz I made for the Facilitating Online course.

I found the tool very easy to use, especially compared to the quiz function in Moodle. You can pre-set how, where and when the quiz can be taken, and whether students can be given the right answer when they get the question wrong. There are a range of different question formats, and you can add video and images to the questions. The program is free for unlimited questions and participants.

I have one small criticism. There is a function whereby you can give feedback to each question. But it is difficult to see the feedback once you have answered the question - I had to make a little effort to find it, so it could be missed if you don't know it is there.

I can definitely recommend this program to anyone wanting to make an online quiz. But at the same time, I cannot help but compare it to MyStudyio which is a similar quiz program. There is little or difference between their functionality but I think MyStudyio looks a little sexier and is a little more user-friendly for the student who takes the quiz.


Sun äitis said...

I gave it a try, although I am not a fan of multiple choice. What I really liked about your quiz is the way you provided the correct answers by including links to further reading. So, the quiz wasn't really about testing ones knowledge, it was more an opening on further discussion based on the linked material.

@carrie_at_umass said...

Great post! Good idea embedding an actual quiz rather than just talking about the tool.

And I earned a certificate for my office wall!

Sarah Stewart said...

Glad you enjoyed the quiz, Sun Aitis

@carrie...hope you got 100% pass LOL

sameer said...


Thanks for the review. I agree with you that the feedback can be hard to see. This issue is being worked on right now - check us out again in 2 weeks and you would see a nice new interface that would solve the issue.

However the comparison with MyStudio is not a fair one. MyStudyio is very basic in its functionality compared to us and does not offer the level of functionality or flexibility that we do -MyStudyio is more for fun quizzes than for serious testing & assessments