Monday, December 27, 2010

Essential advice for midwives, student midwives and anyone considering being a midwife...

about how to prevent burnout!


Sandra said...

Thanks Sarah,
I have recently been successful in a fulltime community post, and although I am extremely happy, I am also extremely tired, and could see me burning out sooner rather than later! I will post this youtube on my facebook for friends and colleagues, a gentle reminder is such a good idea.

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Sandra, I burnt out in 2006 and haven't really got over it. When I talk to students and new grads I emphasise that midwives are NOT the be all and end all...we must not set ourselves up to be...either to women or ourselves. Unfortunately, we have the tendency to do this which then makes us ripe for burnout.

Enjoy yourself being a's the best job in the world, but in the final must put yourself first before women!