Monday, December 6, 2010

How to make time for blogging

A little while ago I was asked by Carrie to comment on how I find time for social media. I sort of answered this question a couple of years ago in this post: Do you have time to learn? So I'd rather focus on a more specific question - how do I make time for blogging?

How often should you publish a blog post?
This is a really important question in light of the commitment it takes to build and maintain a successful blog that has an audience who reads your posts and participates by leaving comments. I have heard it said that it doesn't matter what you say in your blog as long as you blog frequently. Laureen Hudson, a social media commentator says you should blog at least three times per week. Sue Waters reckons that two quality posts a week will keep your readers happy.

Having a blogging schedule
The strategy I use for managing my time is to write a week's worth of blog posts in advance and then schedule them to go 'live' during the week (here is information on how to do this if you are using Blogger). This usually takes half a day at the weekend.

Better time management
This sounds like a big commitment but I find it is a lot more effective than writing blog posts as and when I get an idea. And I have found that my reader numbers have noticeably increased since I have started taking this more structured approach to blogging.

Darren Rouse "Problogger" has written a really useful article on this topic: Plan Your Next Week’s Posting Schedule.

What tips would you pass on that will help people manage their blogging more effectively?

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Andrzej said...

My fav way is to keep my eyes open for the subject and work on it while going to work or from it - as I go by bus or tram, so I use that time ;)

Sarah Stewart said...

Do you work on it with a mobile device, or write notes on paper?