Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ghosts in Dunedin

One of the promises I made myself after the Christchurch earthquake was to go on a walking tour around Dunedin, to get to know the place where I live a bit better. So last night I took the family on a ghost tour of Dunedin - I knew the kids wouldn't go on the day time history tour and a ghost tour would be much more likely to interest them.

We had a fabulous time. Andrew from Hair Raiser Tours told us stories that I had never heard before, and took us to all sorts of interesting places that I didn't know existed. I think this is a wonderfully entertaining way to get to know Dunedin...or any other place, for that matter. Andrew did such a good job that we're going to go on the graveyard tour next week.

I do not believe in ghosts but there was one spot where I got quite anxious. And when we finished the tour, my hubby checked his digital watch to see what the time was and it had gone all wierd. This is extremely unusual because it is a very reliable watch. Was it a coincedence....that really all it needed was a new battery, or had it been affected by ghostly vibes? Spooky, eh?!

Image: 'Dunedin Cathedral'

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