Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A midwifery web site for pregnant women in Otago, New Zealand

I am very interested to see a new midwifery website that has just gone live - Otago Midwives.

What I think will be particularly useful for pregnant women in the Otago area is that they'll be able to see what midwives have vaccancies when and where. Hopefully this will save women a lot of time and angst when they are first looking for a midwife.

I'm not too keen on the "Polly-Anna" feel to the website and I don't like the font used in the "About" section of the website. But I think it's a fabulous idea and I am sure women in the Dunedin area will find this website a really useful resource.


starpath said...

I agree, this certainly is a great start. The curly font is a bit distracting, but the availability tag is helpful, and the easy navigation to area when the midwife practices is excellent. It would be good to see a feedback option for women on each midwife. Also the number of births per month would be helpful, as I know this varies widely and the recommended number is around 50 per year. Some of the information provided on each midwife is very general and may not be useful for a woman when selecting a midwife. Hopefully the site will continue to evolve, but this is a great initiative, so well done Otago midwives.

starpath said...

Just reviewing your "Polly-Anna" comment. The 'fussy', distracting style and feel of the site, is certainly not in keeping with some of the current minimalist-look websites. It would be interesting to hear further feedback on this important aspect.

Sarah Stewart said...

It's certainly a great start - well done Otago midwives