Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cinderella did go to the ball after all thanks to Facebook

I was feeling a tad sorry for myself yesterday afternoon. I was desperate to get to the last England game in the World Rugby Cup at Dunedin stadium, but sadly was unable to get a ticket because I am totally broke at the moment. So I communicated my sorrow on Facebook and went back to my spring cleaning....

About 4.00pm I received a phone call from an ex midwifery client of mine saying she had a spare ticket to the game...saw my plight on Facebook...and asked if I'd like to go with her...and if the answer was yes, she'd pick me up in 30 minutes.

So after a mad scramble to put all the food back in the freezer that I was de-frosting and trying to dry my England shirt in the tumble dryer, I got picked up and whisked off to the game.

So...big thanks to my fairy godmother, Brita.

Who said Facebook was a waste of time?!


Rajettan said...

Thank you Brita. I know she has earned many a fairy godmother.

Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you :)