Sunday, October 30, 2011

Midwives starting to think about social media

Last week I attended the Australian College of Midwives bi-annual conference. While I was there I facilitated a workshop on the general use of social media and gave a presentation on online indentity.

The workshop went very well. Unfortunately I had just over one hour and I really needed two hours. But the activities I got participants to do, including  using post-its as tweets worked very well - a big 'thank you' to those of you who helped me develop that idea.

What I did notice was there was a much greater interest in social media than there has been - I had far more midwives attend my sessions than I expected. And I have been asked to submit an abstract to do similar sessions at the next big maternity care conference in Australia in 2012 - Breathing new life into maternity care. However, there continues to be major concerns about the use of social media from organisations and employers which is restricting the use of social media in health, in Australia. So changes are going to have to come at an organizational level especially if social media is to be effective at work.

Here is my presentation.


kathleenzarubin said...

Love your work Sarah & I'm pleased the idea of post-its worked well - Loved your pic of that! This idea could also be used for other internet / social media 'courses' where they are not using computers with net access (But how people really do that .. is sort of beyond me :) ....

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks Kathleen...and thanks for helping me come up with the idea in the first place :)