Saturday, October 29, 2011

Starting to get an idea about my research topic for my EdD

I have been pondering for the last 10 months what direction my research would take for my EdD. I have played with the idea of being evaluating an aspect of one of the programs I teach in or implementing an innovation such as ePortfolio. But I have returned, yet again, to my great love...the topic I have been pursuing since I started my studies in 1992, and that is the professional development of midwives and health professionals.

I have narrowed things down to looking at online professional development which will incorporate a number of things I am interested in like open access and connectivism. I think I will focus on the Virtual International Day of the Midwife and the effect it has had on people over the last few years (and over the next couple of years). However, there may be another inter-professional medical education MOOC that is starting to gain traction. But I'll wait and see over the next few weeks to see if anything is going to come of that.

In the next couple of weeks I have to write an essay about the methodologies I will use to research this topic. If anyone has any advice about research methodologies and methods, and what is likely to be an appropriate approach to this research, I'd love to hear from you. 


@lee74 said...

Hi Sarah,
I'm just starting a paper on e-portfolios and happy to share research methodology links as I find them (I have a lot to learn!). Given your background and interests something with a reflective component like action research might be appropriate, but like I said I am learning too.
Best of luck with the research, I look forward to following your progress online.

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Lee

As you know I am very interested in e-portfolios so would love to know how you get on with your e-portfolio paper.

For my EdD I am actually going to look at online professional development for midwives/health professionals. I thought I might use a case study approach as I want to look closely at the Virtual International Day of the it has developed over the last few years...and the effects it has had on participants. I want my research to be short and sweet so I think action research would probably be too long for what I am wanting to achieve.

Do keep in really interested in hearing more about what you're doing :)