Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Risks and benefits of a virtual maternity clinic?

A midwifery friend of mine has been given the job of developing a website cum online resource that provides information to pregnant women and families, facilitates conversation and discussion, with a chat room for families to be able to talk to midwives. But because this website will be under-written by a health organisation, there are concerns about the risks to the organisation.

I would be really interested to hear from anyone involved in this sort of work. What do you perceive as the risks and benefits? How does your organisation manage the risks? What online platforms have you used? What advice would you pass on about what works and doesn't work?

Image: 'Midwife in Glanerbrug (Home)'


hadashi said...

Hi Sarah
Glad to see that you're still active. I'm trying to keep a blog for the Learning Centre, but am encountering a lot of resistance.

Sarah Stewart said...

That's a shame. How are you wanting to use it? Why is there resistance? How do you think you can overcome that resistance?