Sunday, April 22, 2012

Only 13 more sleeps to the Virtual International Day of the Midwife 2012

The latest committee meeting for the Virtual International Day of the Midwife was relatively short and sweet because we're pretty much ready to go. Every year is getting easier and quicker to organise because we're more experienced at what we're doing, we're able to re-use online materials and resources, and the team is growing to include wonderfully enthusiastic and skilled people. The latest member of the team is Jacob Theilgaard Mannaz, who will be joining us as a master facilitator. He is especially welcome because of his experience and expertise with Adobe Connect.

1. Speakers
  • All speakers have been hooked up with their facilitators. One speaker has dropped out, but another has stepped in – Pauline Dawson, who will be talking about implementing EBM in practice. Update: Laureen Hudson is also unable to attend. She lives on a yacht and is unable to access internet. Gloria LeMay has said she'll take her place and talk about male circumcision.
  • A waiata has been developed by Jay and Candice to welcome participants to the conference, and approved by committee.
  • Frances Day-Stark is unable to close the conference, so we will have to think about who else can ask. Any ideas?
2. Technology
  • Master facilitators will meet early in the week 23rd April to configure the room for the final time, making chat and participant lists bigger and agree on how we'll manage the microphones. Update: Also want to come to a final agreement on how we manage the room if we get more participants than seats.
  • Decision made to clear the chat after every session and save transcript. The only snag with this is, other than sending by email, there does not appear to be any other way of saving it. But I am the only one who has a valid email address to send the chat to. This needs to be discussed further.
  • Practised in the room with larger chat and participant windows which worked well, and will allow the facilitator to better see what's going on. This will be set up in VIDM room when master facilitators meet next week.
  • Master facilitators will need to be more involved this year, to help facilitators with technology during the sessions.
  • Practice sessions have been arranged so participants can check their audio etc before the conference.
3. Advertising
Social media campaign working very well. Reach on Facebook averages 5,000 people each week. Major international email groups have been informed. International coverage has increased significantly this year.

4. Feedback survey
Ethics application has been lodged.
  • Maori consultation has taken place. One idea came back that each year the indigenous welcome is rotated around the world.

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