Monday, October 19, 2015

Concerns about insurance for Kiwi nurses and midwives

As health professionals, nurses and midwives in Australia must have professional indemnity insurance to be able to practice - this is a regulatory/legal requirement. If we don't have insurance, we are unable to go about our jobs and may lose our registration if we practice without adequate insurance.

In the last few days it has been revealed that the ANZ has discontinued insurance to Kiwis because they are deemed to be temporary residents, and not permanent residents, due to changes to visa regulations for New Zealanders in 2001.

This has raised a number about questions about insurance for Kiwis, and the message that those of us who are Kiwis living in Australia need to take on is to check the terms and conditions of any insurance packages (or any other financial arrangements). If the T&C exclude anyone who is not a permanent resisdent or citizen, then Kiwis may have serious cause for concern.

As for New Zealand nurses and midwives living in Australia, my advice is to check terms of insurance with anyone who provides professional indemnity insurance for practice:
This will probably turn out to be a storm in a tea cup but in the meantime,  please let me know if you find out any additional information about this issue.

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