Sunday, October 18, 2015

Got me a plot in a community garden!

I moved to Canberra three years ago, and have recently bought a flat that is currently being built on the edge of Lake Burley. Whilst I am looking forward to moving in, I am very sad that I will no longer have a garden. So, luckily for me, I recently found a community garden nearby in Kingston, and I have been fortunate enough to have been allocated a plot that I can use for as long as I wish.

The plot isn't too large - big enough for me to potter about and keep me out of mischief. I am a lazy gardener - I like to grow plants but not so keen on weeding and all the maintenance work that a garden needs. So I was grateful to my hubby who came down and fixed the plot frame which had started to come apart, and readied the plot for planting.

The garden has a strict organic policy so I am having to find out what makes the best organic fertilizer. And another challenge is to work out how best to compost my waste food and utlise the power of worms. I have been introduced to the concept of the in-ground worm farm, which I hope to introduce to the plot.

My hubby bought me a plastic green house which I have been making use of on my flat balcony to get chilli and tomato seeds started. I think I'll grow from seeds, getting started in the greenhouse and then moving the seedlings down to the plot when they are ready. Hopefully, I'll be able to grow vegetables all year round.

As for this summer, I am going to try tomatoes, chilies, cucumber and capsicum. I am also going to try to grow some herbs, parsley, basil and coriander, because I haven't had any luck so far growing them in pots.

I have been learning about companion planting so am going to mix in some french marigolds. I also want to attract bees to the garden, so will either plant a lavender bush or sage - I haven't made up my mind what to try. What other flowers could I plant that are pretty and also good for attracting bees and butterflies?

The big challenge will be keeping the plot well watered, especially in the depth of the hot Canberra summer. So the next thing I want to do is investigate watering systems.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea! I came accros and a few are asking how to have an economical garden and plant your own organic veggies...