Friday, September 7, 2007

Attaching vocals to PowerPoint slides

Here is Leigh's advice on how to attach vocals to a PowerPoint presentation.

One way is with the slidecast feature in slideshare:

The first step is to record audio for your slides. My advice is NOT to use the inbuilt audio record in the modern version of PowerPoint. Use an audio recorder and create a seperate audio file to add later. A free and open source audio recorder = Audacity

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David McQuillan said...

Hi Sarah,

I just recorded my first audio PowerPoint presentation the other day - pretty exciting.

It did take quite a bit more time than I expected though. I recorded the audio with audacity, then opened up the sound file & chopped it into pieces that relate to each slide (I guess you could record each slide separately, but then you'd still want to edit out the 'noise' before & after your talking for each recording). It's also important to set the sampling rate for audacity unless you want to end up with huge audio files. Terry Marler suggested 1/2 the original setting.

Another handy trick is Package for CD This allows you to burn the presentation directly to a CD complete with PowerPoint viewer & an autorun file so that when the user puts the CD in the file it automatically starts up. :-)