Friday, September 14, 2007

Being a midwife

For those of you who I asked advice about whether to go to Tanzania as a private midwife, I have decided not to go. There were a number of reasons why I decided this, not least that next year I will be concluding my PhD research. I have been reflecting on why this decision has been hard to come to and I think a lot has been due to my own feelings about midwifery. Normally a decision like this is very easy for me: I either plunge on ahead as happy as a lark or I dismiss it as yet another of my mad schemes (which I am full of, as many of my friends will tell you). However, this time, I have been in a real quandary.

I am taking a break from being a practicing midwife at the moment to concentrate on my studies. I also very badly hurt my back at a birth a couple of years ago, so I am thinking of how I can fulfill the requirements of having a Midwifery Council of New Zealand practicing certificate without the stress of being on call and attending long births. I think I got a bit burnt out last year, so it has been nice to take a break. It is very difficult combining a teaching career and PhD as well as midwifery practice, research and fulfilling the obligations of being a teacher. S0... something has had to give this year. I think I am just not quite ready to plunge back into practice just yet. The moral of the story...balance in life!


Carolyn McIntosh said...

I bet you feel some relief having finally come to this decision. I am sure it is the right one. had you decided the other way you would have that continuing ongoing nagging little e worry sitting on your shoulder, stopping you from concentrating on what you need to do. It seems that there are other safe alternatives for this couple if they choose to take them.
Well done making the decision.
ps I think I would have worried about you going anyway, unless you took me with you.

Carolyn McIntosh said...

Amongst all the things I missed was Merrolee telling us about her work. Maybe you can catch me up on that too some time.

Sarah Stewart said...

Have a look at Merrolee's blog-she explains the research project she has just carried out-I want to replicate it with midwives - another project for when I finish my PhD.