Sunday, July 13, 2008

A black night for Dunedin

In my 'real' life I am a great rugby union fan, so the highlight of the year was always going to be the test match between the All Blacks and South Africa at Carisbrook, in Dunedin.

A Boy Scout is always prepared
Well, actually I was a Brownie, but the principle is the same when you attend nights games at Carisbrook, in the middle of winter. So I prepared with a couple of glasses of bubbles, a nice hot curry and at least six layers of thermals and jumpers.

Sadly for New Zealanders the evening ended in a loss to the All Blacks and quite honestly, the game was a tad boring. But the atmosphere was electric and there is nothing as stirring as watching the All Blacks do the haka at Carisbrook.

National mourning
So no doubt there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth for the rest of the week amongst the boys. As for me...I went home and cuddled up with the heat pump and a mug of hot chocolate.

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Sandra Elias said...

Oh Sarah - you're such a die-hard! I still remember the match you, Ellen and I went to when I was pregnant (? with Jack I think).
Heard you chatted with Tim the other day. Hope you are doing well! We should catch up soon!