Thursday, July 10, 2008

Theft of Olympic Togs

Oh, no, I've been named as a chief suspect by the police!

Look here for details - I think one of my 'dear' friends has dobbed me in!


Sandra Elias said...

This is hillarious Sarah - how did Leigh do this?
Hope things are well with you. Work is full-on but good and the new house is fab!!! Having great weather too which is wonderful especially now that we have a backyard and parks nearby! Miss you!

Sarah Stewart said...

It's some sort of commercial advertising ploy for the Olympics.

The terrible thing is: some people have believed it because they say it's the sort of thing they could see me doing!

Glad to hear your settling into your new house. Keep trying to catch you on Skype but keep missing you.

I'm planning on coming over to see you in the next year or two, so keep your eyes open for conferences I could present at as an excuse to come over.