Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Midwives doing cesareans

Here is a link to an amazing documentary called 'Birth of a surgeon'.
It tells the story of midwives who undergo surgical training in order to be able to perform cesarean sections in Mozambique. This is one solution to bring down the horrendous maternal and neonatal mortality rates in this developing country.

The documentary is harrowing at times yet inspiring. But it also raises questions about how resources should be managed with regard to tackling mortality rates in developing countries. In several of the comments accompanying the documentary, people ask whether money would be better spent improving sanitary and nutritional conditions, and providing contraception.

Taking life for granted
I am truly in awe of the midwives who work in countries such as Mozambique. I just don't appreciate how lucky I am to be a woman and midwife in a country that has full medical and midwifery facilities.

Image: 'Enfants du Mozambique' speedd200

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