Sunday, October 25, 2009

Loving Dunedin

We have had old friends from England visit us this weekend, so we have been out and about the Dunedin area playing tourist.

I have been away from Dunedin for nearly a year and seduced by the wonderful places I have been to, especially Darwin. So it has been great to get home and reconnect to Dunedin, reminding myself of why we love it here. And what has helped has been that we've had the most beautiful weather this weekend.

We had a fabulous walk on Allen's Beach and saw a number of New Zealand Hooker sea lions, watched albatross soar over the cliffs of Taiaroa Head and chased Hector's dolphins on The Monarch.

The icing on the cake was a fabulous evening at Carisbrook where we saw Otago win the last match of the Air New Zealand Cup. Hypothermia is an occupational hazard when you go to watch rugby at Carisbrook, so it was a delight to be able to sit on The Terraces stripped down to tee-shorts.

As I always say.....there's no place on earth like Dunedin on a beautiful day........the trouble is, we only have about five days like it in a year!


Mike Bogle said...

I'm always jealous of where you live. Dunedin looks like a truly stunning place :)

Sarah Stewart said...

It is a fabulous place but sadly the weather is shite most the time :)

shaz said...

:) but in these photos it is looking totally magnificent. I shared your photos with my dad - he skippered new zealand maxi yachts when i was a wee thing and we moved between various new zealand berths for many years. Your photos helped us to have a wonderful afternoon (across the ditch) talking up tales and memories. Thank you :)

Sarah Stewart said...

Glad you enjoyed my post. I've put a load ofphotos of Dunedinon Flickr if you're interested.