Thursday, October 15, 2009

Resources for my teaching session: Learning about Second Life

Tonight I am teaching the "Facilitating Online" students about Second Life. Here are a few resources I'm going to be sharing with them.

Second Life:

Using Second Life. A guide for beginners:

How to:
Interesting places to visit:
Koru. Home of New Zealand educators:

Second Life Education New Zealand project:

Interesting people to meet in Second Life:
  • Students of Facilitating Online 2009: Course Participants
  • Sarah Stewart - SL: Petal Stransky
  • Leigh Blackall - SL: Leroy Goalpost
  • Clare Atkins (SLENZ project leader) - SL: Arwenna Stardust
  • Terry Neal (Joint SLENZ leader) - SL: Tere Tinkel
  • Jo Kay (owner of Jokaydia) - SL: Jokay Wollongong
  • Deborah Davis (SL education researcher) - SL: Aastra Apfelbaum
  • Carolyn McIntosh (founder of SL NZ midwives) - SL: Dacary Dumpling
Interesting groups to join

Kiwi Educators - for people interested in Second Life and education in New Zealand

ISTE - The International Society for Technology in Education

Can anyone recommend places or people in Second Life with not-for-profit connections in the New Zealand or Australia context. I know lots of people using SL in education but not the not-for-profit sector.

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