Thursday, February 3, 2011

I heart Seamus

Essentially I am an old fashioned girl. Yes, I admit I love my online technology but when it comes to every day technology I am a bit of a Luddite. The one new technology that I have never got my head around is GPS units for the car. I mean...have you got one? What's with that?! What's wrong with a paper map!! For goodness sake, there's no excuse now we have got Google Maps!!

Well...I am afraid I am going to have to eat my hat. I am currently staying with a friend in Brisbane. I plucked up courage to have a little drive around on Saturday. Just for the fun of it, I switched on her GPS unit. He talks with an Irish accent and is called Seamus. am totally in love with Seamus...he is amazing. I'm going to tuck him in my suitcase and take him back to New Zealand. Never again to fiddle around with maps...having to stop and start to read them...putting your finger through the seams...arguing with hubby because he wants to go in the total opposite direction to the way the map says you should go.

The only snag is...Dunedin is a three horse town so I know my way around really well and cannot justify eloping with Seamus. So what I'll have to do is run away with him to a big Australian city and live happily ever after :)

Image: 'Loads of GPS devices in our car'


Carolyn Hastie said...

ha ha ha Sarah! I've got a posh English woman whose voice gets a bit frantic when it's time to turn left! My favourite bit is the sound when I go over the speed limit. I've put the cow mooing on for that reminder/warning and it always makes me laugh.

Sarah Stewart said...

I found Seamous invaluable the other day when I had to drive myself to work - he made things very easy. But I pride myself that I can read maps and can find myself around using a map. I would worry that Seamous would take that skills away from me if I used him all the time.

Anonymous said...

I have Shaun. When I first met my midwifery partner Kate I would talk about Shaun ie. 'don't worry I'll find it - I've got Shaun'. Or 'Shaun directed me the long way' etc. Anyway after a couple of months she asked me who Shaun was. It turns out she was a little concerned because she knew he wasn't my husband or son and thought he may be my other man and I was being very 'open' about it. We still giggle about it now.
I am totally unable to read maps and have NO sense of direction. I even get lost with a sat nav because I think I know best and take the wrong turn.