Friday, April 22, 2011

Why I don't follow you on Twitter

I have a lot of people ask me to follow them on Twitter. If you are one of them, and you are wondering why I do not follow you, here is probably the reason why.
  • Because you have a stupid name like "fluffy smoochy kitten".
  • Because your profile picture is of a teenage girl with triple E cup breasts.
  • Because all you do is advertise products or services.
  • Because you call yourself a coach or mentor, and your tweets are all about how to improve my life. I am quite happy with my life, thank you. I do not want to know the Dala Lama's 100 best ways to achieve beautiful toe nails. If I want to be happy, I'll have a glass of wine!!
  • Because you call yourself an expert at something or another. I have an instinctive distrust of anyone who calls themselves an expert. The chances're probably rubbish!
  • Because you are a famous person, either a celebrity or someone well known in a particular field. Famous people generally are only interested in promoting themselves and never engage with the hoi polloi.
  • If you have thousands of followers and follow thousands of people. The chances are you are only interested in collecting followers, which I think is a complete waste of time.
  • If you have a protected account. I do not follow anyone that I cannot check out before hand.
  • If you do not talk to people. There's nothing I hate more...apart from talking to people on Twitter who ignore me.
  • Because you are a company or organisation who doesn't understand what Twitter or social media is all about. You think that having a Twitter account will instantly solve all your marketing needs. It won't. You have to understand that Twitter is all about networking, engaging and giving time to your followers. If you don't get that, then I haven't got the time to give to you.
  • Because you talk about things that have no particular relevance to me. I am sure you are a lovely person, but I only have time to read so many tweets. I cannot cope with following many more than 500 active people. So I am afraid I only follow people who talk about things that address my particular information/networking needs.
  • Because you never say anything.
And my last reason...
  • Because you're boring!!!



Bernadette Rego said...

Amen, Sarah! I completely can relate to how you feel. On a separate note, someone on Twitter recently has been sending me DMs suggesting I earn some money while at home (I'm a stay-at-home mom and occasionally teaching online at the moment). I do take offense to such nonsense as I feel that I am still making a contribution to society by raising my children to (fingers crossed) become upstanding citizens. I find the self-promoting part rather silly and I don't know that anyone should really call themselves an expert. We are (or at least should be) engaged in life-long learning!

Sarah Stewart said...

Hello Bernadette, yes I get those tweets too. They are meaningless spam so best to block and ignore them. Sometimes they come from someone you know is genuine on Twitter. Sometimes that person's account has been hacked by a spammer. So I let the person know so they can change their password etc.

As for the expert thing, I don't have a problem with someone calling me an expert...I'd take that as a complement. But I'd never call myself an expert because, as you say, I am always learning new things :)

Thinkbirth said...

I agree Sarah! I immediately report spamming, which also blocks them. I always look at someone's profile before I follow back. If someone doesn't engage,unless I'm interested in what they have to say, then I unfollow. I love sharing information and am interested in quite an eclectic range of subject matter, so those I follow are those I find interesting. I'm also starting to learn the value of #hashtags. So I can search for an area of particular interest for example, epigenetics and see lots of interesting tweets and sometimes references to follow up. Great post (as always expert!) Thanks

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks Carolyn. My next rant is going to be about watch this space LOL

Rachel said...

Ha ha. I can't wait to see your Facebook rant. Spam is just down right rude on a social networking site in my opinion.

Sarah Stewart said...

I'll make sure I take my happy pills before I write the Facebook post, Rachel :)

moira stephens said...

HAHA - an universal open letter to all of those tweeters .... and you know who you are. Absolutely spot on - the sentiment and the content. still smiling:)