Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Disgusted Highlanders fan

The big topic of conversation in Dunedin at the moment...or at least with us Highlanders and rugby fans, is the unheralded decision of the Highlanders management to change the colour of the strip from the traditional blue, gold and maroon to green.

You could be forgiven for asking me why on earth I care in the light of far more important things that are going on in the world.

Blue and gold represents this's part of our local identity. If you change the colour of the strip, we will not be able to identify with our team. That, coupled with the move from our local ground, Carisbrook, to a new stadium, is very unsettling. The other thing that has really annoyed me and many others is the fact that there was no consultation with fans or the local community.

I am a conspiracy theorist. To this day I believe Princess Di was kidnapped by aliens. I believe that this change is one in a series of moves that will eventually take the Highlanders out of Dunedin all together. In the end, money is what drives the Highlanders and Super 15 rugby so only time will tell if I am right.


Carolyn said...

Couldn't even see them they blended in with the grass. Maybe they weren't there at all.

Sarah Stewart said...

They certainly played last night as if they weren't there!!