Saturday, March 3, 2012

I am talking about you

Hello everyone

I am currently in the process of writing a paper about this blog and how I use it to reflect, and how the wonderful comments you leave enhances my learning. I plan to submit it to an academic journal for publication.

I haven't gone through an ethical approval process because my research is about myself, and all your comments are in the public domain. I will not be asking your permission to talk about your comments.

However, if you have left comments on any of my posts that you do not want me to talk about in my paper, please can you let me know or delete the comment from this blog by March 18th 2012. Whilst your comments are identifiable (unless you have posted them anonymously) I will use pseudonyms in my paper.

Thank you all very much. You all contribute significantly to my learning and development as a learner and teacher....I wouldn't be without you.

If you'd like a copy of my paper when I've written, please let me know.


Ray Tolley (aka Max) said...

Always following you! Yes, I find your posts helpful on several fronts. Please put me on your list.

Best Wishes,
Ray T

Anonymous said...

I following your blog, I find it very interesting and helpful. I used to writte a blog but I closed it.

I am a family and community nurse, and work in a Health Center in Spain. Also I am professor of Nursing Department at the University of Valencia.

I learned a lot from Sara Stewart in all its dimensions, as a midwife, teacher, mother, etc.. thank you very much
I am interested in your research. Please put me on your list.

@cuidados (it means care in spanish)

Joy Johnston said...

Sarah I would like a copy of the paper when it has been published.
I also use blogging to reflect and work through issues in midwifery (and in life). I love the fact that blogs are in the public domain, because I consider that anything I have to say as a professional midwife should be able to be said openly. In that sense I also welcome critique of anything I have written.
I wonder if I am unusual in that I have not embraced other forms of social media to the degree that I am happy to use blogging?

Sarah Stewart said...

Hello everyone, thank you for your usual

@Ray Will do...

@Tona Thank you for getting in touch...lovely to hear from someone in Spain. I'll send you my paper when I've written it.

@Joy Happy to send you a copy. It sounds like you and I have a lot in common and I think what you're saying is that reflection is important to you...not the tool itself. I'll be very interested in your feedback on my article. Thanks