Monday, September 22, 2008

Active management of the third stage of labour

Here are two online events that enable midwives to become involved in an global discussion about how to keep women safe in pregnancy and childbirth in relation to the third stage of labor. The events are being facilitated by the Global Alliance for Nursing and Midwifery, sponsored by the World Health Organization.

Online discussion
Discussion board focusing on the active management of the third stage of labor from September 29-October 10, 2008.

Link to Registration Page for English discussion:

Link to Registration page for Spanish discussion:

If you have any problems registering contact the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing support team (Patti Abbott, Rosemary Mortimer) at Spanish language support is available.

The first several days will be general introductions and comments from the experts and from the individuals who are participating. Specific questions and discussions will ensue:

•Why have you joined the discussion? Why are you interested in this subject?

•What is the current policy for management of the third stage of labor in your clinical setting, educational program or hospital?

•Finally we will focus the discussion on what we need to do to translate research findings into clinical practice.

Online education session about the third stage of labour
Implementing Active Management of Third Stage of Labor: A case study in Morazan, Honduras. Our online expert will be Lisa Kane Low.

This session is free, totally online, and just requires a computer and a connection to the internet. We will record it so that all may watch a recorded version of the session (if you are not able to attend the live session). The session will last less than an hour.

Wednesday September 24, 2008. 9:00-10:00 AM EST (Baltimore, Md. time)

Check this link for the time in your area

Link to Elluminate classroom (University of Iowa)

Note: Be sure there is an 's' after http. You may need to put it in manually.

Enter your first and last name for user, leave password blank. The click "Log in".

Lisa Kane Low is an Assistant Professor of Nursing and Women's Studies at the University of Michigan where she also is part of the Midwifery Service at the UM Health System. Lisa has her doctorate in nursing and women's health from the University of Michigan, her Masters’ degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago where she did her midwifery program and her Bachelors in Nursing which is also from the University of Michigan. She has been in practice for over twenty two years as a nurse midwife in the hospital setting and during that time has found numerous ways to combine her love of clinical practice with education and research.

As part of that combination, she has been working i n Northern Rural Honduras for the last six years where she has been focusing on transitions in maternity care and the promotion of safe motherhood in this low resource setting. She works with Joanne Bailey, another midwife and director of the Midwifery Practice at UM and together they take students to Morazan, Yoro in Honduras to explore ways in which we can support the improvement in quality of maternity care services to all women within the region.


mm said...

Sure... something on MY Continent and I will be heading out the door to school at the time it starts!
Not that I really have any reason to 'attend' this one, other than interest.

Sarah Stewart said...

I know how you feel mm-its the middle of the night for me. What I was thinking I must organize at some stage is a 24 hour event so that everyone gets a chance to attend at least one seminar/happening. What do you think of that as an idea?