Monday, September 29, 2008

I heart YouTube

I think one of the most useful and versatile resources on the Internet is YouTube. I just do not know how I've managed without it all these years.

Take today, for example.

Learning Styles
This morning I learned about learning styles and that good teaching is good teaching and does not need to be adjusted to suit different 'learning styles', according to Professor Daniel Willingham.

This afternoon I re-visited a video that I made about e-portfolios and posted on YouTube, and will be using as a resource in the course I am currently running.

Mouse in Amsterdam
And this evening I found an old song that was incredibly popular when I was a little girl. My husband and I still remember all the words, and drove our daughter mad when we gave an impromptu performance.

Do any of you remember this song?


Dave said...

Hi Sarah,
So appreciated your use of the wiki as the foundation of a PLE. I've been experimenting with the blog as the personal learning environment. Blogs relate primarily to time but have the "blogroll" tool for building a community of learners. The Wiki is more theme based with a connection to the blog. The Wiki seems to be more easily understood by a public user not following your blog or in the same course. How much time does updating your e-portfolio take? It seems to be an extra step beyond the blog. Thanks for your comments and work.

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Dave

Thanks for your comments. I have wondered if I should make my blog my e-portfolio so that I have only one platform, but as yet I haven't changed anything about changing things.

I quite like the way I have the two platforms interlinked, linking in my reflections in my blog to the wiki which catalogs my actions. If I get behind with it, then it takes time, but if I keep on top of things, it's not too time consuming. Having said that, there still is a lot of work I have to do on it with regard to past actions/achievements.

Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

greetings from Italy, good luck


Anonymous said...

Husband spent most of the evening singing this to the little ones.
Big hit.
I'm sure your daughter is rolling her eyes feeling sorry for the new generation of children exposed to this wonderful wee song!
tee hee.
Thanks for the new 'brush your teeth/ get on your pj's/get in to your bed/now lay down and go to sleep while I sing this song' song.

Sarah Stewart said...

I just think it's lovely that is speaks to children throughout the generations. The video on YouTube has had thousands of hits and comments which just goes to show how popular it is. There is one comment from the son of the chap who wrote the song. I think he has been quite overcome by its popularity & knowing the effect his father's work has had on people.

BTW, have found some more penguin photos, including baby chicks, so will put them on Flickr for your son when I get around to it.