Saturday, September 27, 2008

Working with students in the clinical setting

For ages now I have been meaning to write a few posts for health professionals who work in the clinical setting with students. I was planning to look at issues like giving feedback, dealing with conflict and assessment. But needless to say, I just haven't got around to it.

However, I have just been told about a wonderful online program that walks you through exactly these issues, as well as reflective practice, evaluation and setting goals and dealing with expectations. The program is called 'The Preceptor Education Program for health professionals and students' and has been developed by the University of Western Ontario. The staff working on this program are mostly occupational therapists, but the modules are generic and can be used by any health professional.

You have to register to use the program, but it is free. The program is very easy to use and professionally presented with a mix of scenarios, readings and video. I highly recommend it to any health professional is working or plans to work with students on clinical placements.

Image: 'east side VS west side' sashamd

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