Saturday, October 4, 2008

CCK08: Learning networks for health professionals

I have been asked to give a presentation at the 2008 Community Care Conference in Surfers Paradise, Queensland in November. The conference theme is 'Beyond Today-Shaping the Future'. I have been asked to talk about how Web 2.0 and networking can be used for professional development and life-long learning. The premise being that if health professionals feel supported and feel they are learning and growing in their jobs, they will feel greater job satisfaction which will turn will improve recruitment and retention.

Using my network
So I was going to put a question out to my network asking what people thought should be included in my presentation, keeping in mind I only have 30 minutes. But Sue Waters has beaten me to it by asking similar questions.

So you'd be doing me and Sue a huge favor if you answered her quick and easy survey about how you have built your personal learning networks - click here to do the survey. Sue will be feeding back the results of the survey on her blog: Mobile Technology in TAFE.

Meanwhile, I'd love to hear from you and what you think about the benefits of networking for health professionals, how you do it yourself and what tools you would recommend for newbies. I'd also appreciate any suggestions for how I can wow the audience, visually.


Sue Waters said...

Hi Sarah

Thanks for telling your network about the survey. My previous presentation on PLNs was 30 minutes and the results from the last responses made up the entire presentation. Lets hope I can make these survey response last 1 hour this time :)

So far we have 80 responses. I've also added a note at the end saying if you are unhappy with you 10 choices of tools from question 1 email me your amendments and I will change them.

Sarah Stewart said...

I don't want to present anything flash, just some simple tools that show how easy it is to collaborate and learn on the Internet. Looking forward to seeing the results of your survey. And must go back to that original post you did on PLNs.