Sunday, October 12, 2008

Role of the doula in today's maternity services

This month's free online seminar is looking at one aspect of provision of maternity care and is of interest to anyone involved in maternity and childbirth either as health professional or consumer.

Despite the superior care that women and their families receive during the childbearing year from a midwifery model of care, a doula can be a great asset to the family and their care provider. Many people question the choice of using a doula. The phrase "have a doctor, get a doula!" is well understood. But "have a midwife, get a doula?" Why? The reasons are many.

Unfortunately, I am coming from a country where the ‘norm’ is the medical model of care during the childbearing year. I hope to elaborate that even if we are lucky enough to have obtained midwifery care, a doula can be invaluable not only to the mother and her family but to the midwives as well.

Kirsten, who lives in Canada says: I am a mother to three, my first child turned to breech (bottom first) during labour. He was taken by cesarean section which was a very difficult recovery, both mentally and physically. My next two children were born at home with registered midwives and a doula. I took up doula training with CAPPA during my third pregnancy and have been attending births since before and after my daughter was born. I also took training through the Manitoba Association for Childbirth and Family Education where I attend education evenings on a variety of subjects throughout the year. I have presented on the troubling trend in cesarean birth for one of these educational evenings. I am fiercely passionate about reversing this trend here of surgery as birth in North America . I have about ¾ of my university degree in Comparative Religion and have also worked extensively in Hospice Care before having my children. I just bought a new spinning wheel, Ashford Kiwi to be specific... so a New Zealander will be in attendance at the meeting from my dining room in Canada.

Date and Time: October 16th 3pm New Zealand Time: International Time

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