Saturday, October 25, 2008

What happens when you let a man get his hands on a chain saw

It's all my fault!... I take the blame!... I should have known better!

I know what men are like when they get their hands on big mechanical tools that make lots of noise.

But no...I let my hubby and next-door neighbor go out into the garden...with a chain prune a tree, and supposedly just lop off a couple of branches.

The next thing I know, the whole tree has disappeared and now there's a great gap in the middle of the garden!

Ladies, what do you think men should be banned from having access to?


Helen said...

Hi Sarah,
Ah - the poor tree. I hope it was one that you didn't like too much! I agree that husbands need to be supervised in some activities. My husband went off to a community fund raising auction on the weekend and came home with 2 x 60kgs bags of wheat. When I asked him what he planned to do with the wheat he shrugged his shoulders and suggested that we make bread. Any suggestions?


Sarah Stewart said...

:) No suggestions at all, I'm afraid.