Monday, October 13, 2008

Is midwifery a word?

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while will know I am currently boycotting 'Private Practice'.

This is why!


Anonymous said...

yeah... lovely isn't it.
I've seen a few episodes.
HE is the only one worth watching from what I've seen. One time you catch a shot of him reading Varney. *huge lovely midwifery text book.
ohhhhhh to dream!
I didn't think it was still on. Apparently it is. I'll see if season 2 is worth boycotting too. I'm always up for yelling at the tv, for a good cause!

herky said...

um i relly don't get the video but thats ok i will get it eventually but the real reason why am wirtins this commet is because you commeted me asaying that you couln't really do riddles so i though but i say you should try its actually very fun =]

Carolyn said...

Can't bear to watch it again. I looked at this clip at the start of the year. Thinking about showing to students with regards to how not to act or what not to say but OMG it is just so bad. I can't believe anyone would think this was a OK way to behave, even acting.

Sarah Stewart said...

@hbacmama You keep watching. I can't bear to because it puts up my blood pressure.

@herky I just can't do riddles - I am so thick!!

The reason I am cross about the video is that it is disrespectful to midwives. It's like saying 'is teaching a word' or 'is surgery a word' or 'is nursing a word'. Midwifery and midwives have been around for thousands of years, so we get cross when we disrespected on TV and in newspapers etc.

@Carolyn A lovely teaching aid to set off discussions about midwifery and the media.

Anonymous said...

Here is a question... did you watch any of the other episodes? I did see redeeming spots of light. A water birth, the fellow with his midwifery books... him speaking with patients about birth being a 'natural process'.
I know.
I know.
I know it isn't anything close to covering the horror of that 26 seconds of hell. But there are wee glimmers.
And with the way the ACOG (United States) is freaking about homebirth (less than 5% of births in the USA)... it goes to show that that Rickie Lake made a bigger impact with The Business of Being Born. This kind of show (private practice) is going to follow what the public views as 'normal'. MEDICALIZED MATERNITY. I think that it would have given students something to think about if they were shown this clip. Imagine working in the type of system that thinks it is okay to say these things? Welcome to the USA.
Not to worry, I have very low blood pressure in general, it gets me to normal when I watch this type of drivel.

Carolyn said...

Now I have watched it this one is bad but not as bad as what follows. When our midwife boy gets into action. Oh deary me.

Anita said...

I haven't watched more than two episodes of this show... nice to see what I'm not missing. :)