Friday, August 15, 2008

Boycotting Private Practice

I can"t believe it. I am shocked and horrified!

I just saw the advert for the new medical drama 'Private Practice' which is a spin off of 'Grey's Anatomy'. In it, Addison, the sexy neonatal doctor says " Midwifery? Is there such a word?"

If that is an example of what is to come, then I will be boycotting the program.

A pox on the script writers.

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Carrie said...

As a nurse in the postnatal setting, I too took offense to Addison's comment. However, please remember that midwifery is not the same in America as it is in NZ, so there may have been a slight justification to her words. (Although I'm always disheartened when the media speaks negatively about any health profession.) Nonetheless, the show isn't nearly as good as Grey's Anatomy so if you decide to boycott it, you won't be missing much.

Anonymous said...

I had a friend call me... because I don't watch Greys Anatomy...
I proceeded to YELL at the t.v. for the rest of that hour.
It was the one where they BLATANTLY intervene at any opportunity and eventually bully a mom into having a cesarean... then, retch hack feels fury, the mother 'thanks' them after the cesarean. For saving her baby.
I still feel sick. Can we say Iotrogenic?
I'm sure you won't be missing anything of interest!

Sarah Stewart said...

hbacmama: my worst TV medical scene has got to be in ER or Chicago Hope, I can't remember which. The doctor was stuck in the depths of the swamps in one of the southern states of the USA. A woman went into labour and was having a breech (bottom first) baby. This was depicted as a terrible emergency. But, never fear...the doctor got his computer out, looked on the Internet and found how to deliver a breech baby from there. I ask you...!

The best midwifery drama I have ever watched is a UK program 'William and Mary'. The script writer has had 4/5 children and some are home births. I found it to be a very realistic and sympathetic depiction of midwifery.

Carrie: it grieves me the way midwifery and childbirth is depicted on TV. Childbirth is always seen as a medical emergency which I am sure has a lot to do with how women feel about birth these days. But of course, if it wasn't portrayed as that, it would be so 'exciting' for viewers.

Anonymous said...

Okay, now that I've got my brain back. I forgot to say ... the 'clinic' receptionist (male!) is a midwifery student. So there is some redeeming quips here and there from him!
Lovely to hear you this afternoon!
Have a great weekend!

Sarah Stewart said...

That explains what the small clip was about that I saw. Thanks.

Carrie said...

I try to keep an open mind and view shows such as Grey's Anatomy and ER as purely Hollywood "entertainment" (i.e., "exciting for viewers", as you say.) What really irritates me are the pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, etc. "reports" done by the news media and shows such as 60 Minutes, Dateline, and the like. Those stories are always so slanted even though they pretend to present "both sides of the debate." That's when I find myself yelling at the TV.

Anonymous said...

i'm gutted - that show would have been just the kind of trash i would have watched! now i will have to boycott it....buggar! Perhaps we can tape for our students to demo what we mean by negative socialisation.