Saturday, August 9, 2008

Resources for women in science, engineering and technology

The UK Resource Centre (UKRC) is a UK government-funded agency which has been set up to support women in science, engineering and technology. UKRC has been exploring ePortfolios and has featured the work I have done. I am very pleased to know that other people have found my work on ePortoflios to be useful.

UKRC asked me to explain why I have an ePortfolio, and what I think the advantages and disadvantages of ePortfolios are. I was also very happy to share a couple of resources that I find useful.

Resources for employment
Apart from the pages on ePortfolios, there is also a very useful section on mentoring in the work place. And also excellent information with practical tips on dealing with CVs, interviews, returning to work and finding a job.

Image: 'Released to Public: "First Lady Astronaut Trainee"+Jerrie+Cobb+(NASA)'


Carolyn said...

just had a look at your Eportfolio, I had not looked for a while. have to say it looks really good now, very impressive, well done Sarah!

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks so much. I still have a lot to do, mostly with turning documents into pdfs and attaching into my eportfolio.

Carolyn said...

Our scanner at work does this job very easily for you Sarah. shouldn't b a problem at all I think.

Carolyn said...
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Ruth Wilson said...

Hi Sarah,
I just came across this post - thanks for including it in your blog. Our work is with women in science, engineering, technology and the build environment, so the medical professions such as midwife, dentist, doctor etc are not in our remit (though scientists etc working health and related issues are). But there is clearly overlap, and it was fascinating to find such a thoughtful approach to maintaining an eportfolio in the public domain. Very impressive that you are on YouTube as well!

UK Resource Centre for Women in SET

Sarah Stewart said...

Thanks a lot for your comments, Ruth. I am inspired about YouTUbe, and realize I should use it more. The trouble is, my little camera takes a brilliant picture but the sound quality is terrible. I probably need a proper video camera as opposed to a still camera that shoots small video clips.