Monday, August 4, 2008

Health on the Net principles and blogs

Last week I audited my blog using the Health of the Net principles and applied for HON accreditation.

Hearing back from HON
Well, I've just heard back from HON and have been told that the HONcode is not applicable for my blog. The email I received said:

The HONcode is intended for web sites with medical or health-related content. To meet the challenge posed by this definition we have had to accept that there will be differences of opinion in sometimes controversial matters. We have concluded that the HONcode does not apply to your web site, therefore we cannot process your request for accreditation. Our decision does not imply that your site does not respect the eight HONcode principles.

I am glad I went through the process because it did draw my attention to the issue of quality of health information posted on the Internet. So I would recommend that health professionals have a look at the principles, even if they do not apply directly to blogs.

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