Saturday, August 9, 2008

A terrible start to the virtual rugby

The new national rugby season has started so I've got my Otago rugby supporters gear out, ready to brave the snow at Carisbrook this afternoon. Otago is playing it's arch rivals, Canterbury. So what ever happens, there will be some wailing and knashing of teeth this evening.

Virtual rugby
The virtual rugby started last week, and I have already stuffed up really badly. I only got 5 points last week, and this week I forgot to make my picks. Hopefully, I won't get too left behind.

If you want to see how I am doing, my user name is hototagogirl.


Anonymous said...

How well have you done this season apart from those two dreadful starts to the season? Do well?

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Nick, I've had a terrible season, just about as bad as Otago have. The last couple of weeks I've even forgotten to submit my scores. So a complete write-off for me. You?