Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Infant bedsharing - what happens during the night

I am extremely pleased to be able to announce the next online Elluminate meeting. This meeting will not only be of interest to midwives, but also anyone working with pregnant women and new parents. Pregnant mums and parents are also very welcome to come along.

Topic: Bedsharing - what happens during the night
The results of a study will be presented in which Sally and her colleagues videoed infants and their parents while they bedshared, or slept in a cot overnight in their own homes. They also monitored infant physiology and matched this with the video data to gain a picture of the potential risks and benefits encountered during bedsharing compared to cot sleeping.


Dr Sally Baddock has carried significant research looking at bed sharing and sudden infant death (cot death), as well as use of dummies and breastfeeding. Sally is the Associate Head of the School of Midwifery at Otago Polytechnic and is also a researcher at the University of Otago.

Date: 19th August 2008 New Zealand

14.00-15.00 NZ Time. See here for International Times.

Meeting link:


Just enter your name where it says 'user name'. You do not need a password

The meeting room is available from now so you can have a play with the technology before the meeting.

Using Elluminate
Please check here for more information about how to use Elluminate.

Need extra help?
Please contact me if you need help with setting up Elluminate. I strongly advise that you try out the technology before the meeting so that any problems can be ironed out and you don't miss the meeting.

Image: 'Hands Up, Baby, Hands Up' Qole Pejorian


Anonymous said...

Well drat. That sounded interesting...
now unless I am reading the international time clock wrong... I should have logged in last night to be able to participate.
Of course I only got this note this morning. Not quite twelve hours too late. I should check your blog more often, before the bloglines shows it!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, just noticed blogger has me as the west coast person. hmmmm will have to see what is up with that!

Dot said...

But it's not until the 19th, and today is the 12th. Sadly, from my point of view it takes place at 3am. I won't be at the meeting. I'll be busy bedsharing with my nine-month-old.

Anonymous said...

Hi... I'm an idiot.
Laughing at my stupidity...

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Dot & hbacmam

I did wonder if you two would be interested. Anyway, we'll record the session so you can have a look/listen afterward if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

I think I have everything set up to go. I don't have a microphone.. so I'll just type away if I have anything to say.
So hopefully I'm IN! baby arrivals pending.

Sarah Stewart said...

That sounds fabulous, hbacmama - the main thing is that you can hear. Text will work fine for communicating with Sally and the rest of us.

If you want to have a practice run, I am happy to meet you there for a quick trial.

Anonymous said...

The question is when? I'll take a look at the time change when you can give me an approximate time.
Then again... I don't sleep so well lately. So yeah.

Sarah Stewart said...

I'm online a lot of the time (I'm a sad, sad woman with no life!). If you want to do a spontaneous session, check me out on skype: sarah.m.stewart. Otherwise, give me a couple of dates & times so we can get together.

Anonymous said...

Downloading skype again.. had it this past year to chat with our friend in Egypt... but it went kabloom this summer... obviously!