Saturday, August 9, 2008

Learning by virtual role play in a blog

One of my colleagues, Megan Gibbons, is teaching registered midwives about nutrition in childbirth. One of the teaching strategies she uses is role play.

Role play in a blog
This year, Megan has asked the students to develop a blog and use it to develop the scenario that she has given them.

Shannon's story
If you are interested in this, pop along to the blog to see how the scenario is developing and leave a comment. Just remember that the students are 'in role'.

The only thing that isn't clear on the blog is what the scenario is. But if you need that information to work out what's going on, just leave a comment and I am sure someone will fill in the gaps for you.

Image: 'Richard (12m) eating an apple' Reini68


Anonymous said...

I am having WAY TOO MUCH fun with this... thank you for amusing me to no end!
tee hee.

Sarah Stewart said...

I have been reading your comments and laughing my head off because I have been having great fun with it as well!

I am trying to keep my 'teacher's' hat on and make comments that make the students think. But I'm not sure if I have to do that? What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I have no clue! I am actually using my own life as a rule... lots of mums turn to the internet for help during their pregnancies and after wards... So... I'm using it as a fun place to actually say.
HEY this worked for me.
And pick on Bruce... poor fellow. My husband finally glommed on to the lousy state of me when I didn't even need mat clothes at seven months and went for my fourth iv shunt in the hand... and I was crying because I was trying to peel carrots and couldn't stop retching.
fun times... oh such fun times.
I am loving this. Is it going to end with a virtual baby and breastfeeding issues too? Post partum nutrition for nursing mums is something we are working on here.
Will sit back and see if I can make them think too. =)

Sarah Stewart said...

I'll have to ask Megan to see if there are any 'rules' about how we interact with the students. It is also interesting that you have picked up on what's going on without needing major instructions. This is interesting because this scenario has always been played out in a closed forum before. I'll have to do some reading around the theory of online role play.

Is there anyone else who has used online role play for 'teaching' especially in an open environment - what has your experiences been?

Anonymous said...

ah, I just thought I should treat it as a 'blog of a newly pregnant mum'. Oh gosh. Hope I'm not in trouble for spewing out my words over there. And as for picking on Bruce, I'm just trying to 'save him' the horrors of having a kiwi thrown at him... snickers and craves a kiwi... bloody mess of this world! Introducing me to the lovely fruit, then making it so bloody expensive to get!
time for bed... mama friend is prodormalling for two days now. I'm starting to think I won't make it to the birth once this little decides to dive!

Sarah Stewart said...

No, no, please don't get me wrong - what you've done is FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for taking the time to drop by. I guess I was just talking out loud because I do not really know anything about online role play, especially in an online environment. Using the word 'rules' was wrong - there should be no rules, because they are bound to restrict learning. And having 'rules' completely defeats the whole reason for having the role play carried out in an open blog.

I think your input has been great because it makes things all the more 'real'.

Megan said...

Hi Sarah,

No rules about how you interact with the students - they are loving the fact that other people are leaving comments. The only complaint I have had is about how addictive it is and how much time they spend checking their blog to see what people have said.

Thanks Heaps M

Sarah Stewart said...

I know, it is addictive - hbacmamma & I really got into it at the weekend.

Keeping tract of posts & comments - don't forget to remind the girls to tick the box after the comment 'email follow up comments' so further responses will go through to them. It may also be worth telling them about google reader which will help them monitor activity on the blog.

I was a little mindful that I didn't want to distract the students too much because I was afraid they'd lose track of what they were trying to do ie articulate their scientific knowledge & share information. But then, if the whole thing is fun and they are learning at the same time, then we'd that the exercise was a success, wouldn't we?

Anonymous said...

hangs head in shame... I put it up on my bloglines already...
*goes to show I have too much time on my hands...I should be knitting! =)
Oh and unless I use my 'blogger' id. I can't get follow up comments. drat.

Sarah Stewart said...

I'm starting to get bored now - I want us to move on to the next part of the scenario! :)