Monday, August 11, 2008

I don't want to be a nice person & do things for the greater common good

I am a bit of a sucker when it comes to being asked to participate in other people's research. Having had a bad experience myself as a researcher, I am always keen to support other researchers.

Fat enough
I have signed up to participate in a study being carried out at Otago University - soemthing to do with diabetes and obesity. So that was the first piece of good news I had today - its official - I'm fat enough to be included in the study!

Pain and tribulation
Today I had to starve for 12 hours, have three blood tests, hang around for nearly five hours waiting for the blood tests, and drink the most disgusting protein drink on my very empty stomach which made me feel sick for the rest of the morning.

Next week I have to go through the same process but get to eat.....wait for it......mashed potato. And then, the week after, I get mashed potato and the disgusting protein drink....together.

Just shoot me if I ever talk about volunteering to be a participant in a research study again!

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Anonymous said...

Well, best wishes on digestion and blood counts and all those sorts of things.
mashed potato? huh... who would have thought!
I personally retched up the horrible goo they give you for gestational diabetes. I proceeded to follow my own blood sugars for a week and marked it down for the midwives. In order to prove that I really was educated in declining the test! And of course it made them feel a bit better too. Knowing I was on top of my own care.
and no, never had it, despite being officially fat enough to be at risk.